Aspiration Awards

These aspiration awards are designed to encourage you to take up new challenges and persevere in fields that interest you.

Your achievements should be signed off by a relevant adult. Someone like a group leader, teacher, mentor or parent.

Your scrap book should be used to keep a record of your achievements. Certificates, photographs, writing and newspaper clippings could all contribute to the overall record of your progress towards each stage.

Once you feel that a stage is complete, bring your scrap book in to school so that your teacher can check it off and ensure that you receive the relevant award.

 Once you have received an award at each stage, you can take your scrap book to continue to record your achievements towards the next level.

“Go For Gold”

Gold is meant to be challenging. You will have to really stretch yourself in order to achieve the top gold level awards. But, don’t let that put you off!

The activities listed for each award are not set in stone. If you have achieved something that you feel is similar, you can count that in the place of something else on the list.

 You can download the levels for each award using the PDFs below.

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