At St Minver School, we believe that the attendance of our pupils is exceptionally important. There are only 195 days in the academic year and so, if a child misses just 20 days, they will miss more than 10% of their schooling for that year. Over a four year period, this could results in a child falling significantly behind the achievements of their peer group.

The school is no longer allowed to authorise up to 10 days holiday for a family within the academic year. These rules were changed in 2013.

The school will consider requests for absence during term time on an individual basis. If you feel that you have exceptional circumstances in which to apply for a term time holiday, please complete the request form that can be accessed below, or from the school office.

We realise that the vast majority of our parents work in seasonal industries and therefore find it very difficult to take holiday in the normal term time. We will consider this in your application, but it is not a guarantee that a request will be granted.

The school will not authorise absence for any child where there current attendance has already fallen below 90% as it would be deemed necessary for them to attend school on a more regular basis.

If your child is granted leave of absence during term time, or they have a significant period of sustained illness, you can access the absence working packs below. These will give you some guidance on the sorts of activities that you could be completing with your child during their absence from school. Any work that you do complete can be brought back to the school for marking.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues outlined on this page, please make an appointment to come and speak to the school.

You can access the DfE guidance on school attendance by following the link below.