Our Curriculum

At St Minver School, our aims state that: 
  • We provide our pupils with a wide range of opportunities, stimulating interest and enthusiasm.
  • We provide high quality teaching and accurate assessment systems to target rapid and sustained progress for our pupils, maximising their chances of exceeding national expectations.
  • We use the local environment to enhance and stimulate our curriculum.
These three aims in particular help us to frame our curriculum provision for our pupils.
We broadly follow the national curiculum, which can be found by following the link below, but our curriculum pages will tell you how we have shaped this curriculum to best serve the needs of our own pupils and community.
The document, "Being British at St Minver School" shows you how each of our year groups provide opportunity to discuss and learn about British culture in the twenty first century.
By clicking on the long term plan, you can see how we have distributed the learning across our year groups and which special areas of focus take place each year.
If you require further information about our curriculum, please contact Paul Howard.