KS2 Performance Data

The quality of teaching at St Minver school is very high. Over the last two years, we have had a number of lesson observation opportunities through our own SLT as well as visiting senior leaders from across the trust and no lesson has ever been observed to be less than good.  A large percentage (42%) have been graded outstanding. The staff enthusiasm for their work and the support that receive from their TAs is exceptional.

As a school we provide our staff with high quality resources with which to deliver their teaching  and regular monitoring of books, data and interviews with pupils and parents, all help us to ensure that our children are given the best opportunities to succeed.

We have recently implemented the new national curriculum  and established the assessment criteria that we would be working to. We are using a system called "Classroom Monitor" to track the progress of our pupils against the expectations of the new curriculum. This system allows us to track, at any given point, how many children in each class, from any group, are on track to meet the age related expectations of the new curriculum.

High quality marking ensures that children are clear about their next steps and how to improve their work. Children are given regular opportunities to reflect on their marking and offer improvements.

We provide targeted teaching for identified groups of pupils across the school, such as pupil premium, children in care and higher ability pupils, that is delivered regularly by our deputy head and two other support teachers.