Science - Teeth and Eating

In Science we have been learning about teeth and eating.

We kept a food diary and then analysed it to see if our diet was healthy and balanced. We were pleased to invite Mrs Toogood in to Class 3 who helped us explore a range of foods so that we could understand and measure the quantity of sugar in our diet. Did you know that we should be eating between 6-7  teaspoons of sugar a day  That's approximately equivalent to 24-30grams whilst others were low. We found that some foods were whilst others were low.Infact some were so high that they had our total daily allowance in which was a surprise.

We also made sure that we were all brushing our teeth well by using disclosing tablets to highlight the plaque on our teeth. We brushed our teeth for 2 minutes – 1 minute for both the top and the bottom sets of teeth.

The disclosure tablets coloured the plaque. Most of the plaque was found between our teeth, near our gums and in the bumpy bits on top of our molars.

After brushing our teeth we could see that the plaque had been removed as they were white and felt smooth.

Take a look at our 'Before' and 'After' plaque experiment below