Welcome to Year 5

Dear parents,


Welcome to Year 5! It has been lovely to have the children back after Summer and they are looking well-rested and enthusiastic - a wonderful way to start the year!


This half term our Science unit is entitled ‘Changing States of Matter’. The children will be learning about solids, liquids and gases, the water cycle and evaporation and condensation.


Next half term, Year 5 Science unit will be 'Earth, Moon and Sun'. They will explore day and night, what causes the seasons, why we get eclipses, different star constellations and will also produce a mini project on the solar system.


Throughout the whole of this Autumn term our Geography unit will be ‘Mountains, Rivers and Coasts’. We will investigate physical and human coastal features and the impact that the ocean has on the UK coast line. We will then explore rivers and their journey from source to sea and conclude by investigating mountains and volcanoes; how they are formed and their impact on human life.


The children's ICT unit this term is called ‘Cars – designing a racing game’. They will explore coding and how it is used to create different games. We will also be learning about e-safety and how to be ‘ICT savvy!’


PE this year is going to be every Thursday afternoon with Mr Rickard and Mr Bennett, so please ensure that your child's PE kits is in school for this day.


Homework is set every Monday morning and is due in by Friday each week. This consists of spellings, times tables and reading as well as English and Maths to consolidate their week's learning.


In year 5 the children are set a ‘Karate reading challenge’, whereby they can earn different coloured karate belts (wrist bands) when they have read a certain amount of times to their parents. They need a signature from you to earn points for their next band. They can only earn one point (or signature) a day. As the children become increasingly fluent in their reading, I am aware that they may not read so much to you out loud. However, to earn a signature I would like them to be able to explain to you what they have been reading about and perhaps say what they liked or disliked about it.


Please feel free to come and talk to me if you have any questions or concerns. The end of the day is always the best time, as in the mornings I am busy with preparing for the day's lessons. If it easier on your time then please email me on vicks.maynard@st-minver.gov.


Many thanks for your continued support,


Vicks Maynard and Sarah Cowles (Year 5 class teachers)

and Claire Cooke (Year 5 teaching assistant)