At St Minver school we intend to provide our pupils with a high-quality personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE). This is an important and necessary part of all pupil’s education.  We will provide a PSHE education which will equip our children with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

We will set out a progression of knowledge that our children will gain at each stage of their PSHE curriculum and teach this in a cohesive sequence which allows each to apply and implement that knowledge as skills.

St Minver school will provide a PSHE education that is broad and will encompass many areas of study- such as English, Science, Art and Design Technology – wherever possible.

We will regularly measure the impact of our PSHE provision, to ensure that we maintain the highest academic ambition for all our children, with a commitment to ensure that our curriculum addresses social disadvantages. This will be particularly important as we move to mixed aged classes from September 2022. 

As active participants in an ever-changing world, the children of St Minver School will know how to keep themselves safe and build upon previous skills which will result in a sound knowledge of drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and how the importance of physical activity and diet will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

In considering our local context, we will proactively address the potential lack of awareness towards multicultural societies and the different issues and behaviours that may arise from this. We will proactively seek to provide a balanced, rounded curriculum which will strive to provide opportunities and experiences for children to gain an insight into the wider world.

Each child, at a level appropriate to their age, will know where to go to for help and support when they have concerns or issues about content or difficult situations they may face.

There are six different puzzles in the Jigsaw Primary PSHE Scheme of Work, one for each half term across the year, each containing six 'pieces' (lessons).

Every class in our school studies the same puzzle at the same time (sequentially ordered from September to July).

Each year group is taught one lesson per week and all lessons are delivered in an age-appropriate manner so that they meet our children’s needs. Where necessary, we will split mixed aged classes to ensure age-appropriate delivery of content. 

The different puzzle pieces are:

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