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The School Day

The school day starts at 8:55am and children can be on the school site from 8:45am.
We wake up for learning with Wake and Shake at 9:05am every day.
Literacy is taught daily, usually during the first session of the day.
Numeracy is taught daily, usually during the second session of the day.
Morning break runs from 10:20am to 10.35am.
Lunch Break is from noon to 12.55pm.
Afternoon registration is at 1pm.
Key Stage One children have a short afternoon break at around 2.20pm. 
For Class R and Year 1, the school day ends at 3pm.
For Year 2 and all of the Key Stage 2 classes the school day ends at 3:15pm.
Open the Book assembly (not currently operating) is held on Mondays for Key Stage 1 and Reception children from 10am to 10:20am. 
Headteacher's assembly is held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 1pm to 1:20pm
Celebration assembly is held on Fridays from 1pm to 1:20pm

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